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Original English Scones

Your last holiday in England was a long time ago and the next one is far away? Or do you simply want to bring English flair into your own home? In our online shop you can buy English food and products online. Here you can order delicious British scones and easily prepare them at home.

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English Scones by Haywood & Padgett

The English tea biscuits will be delivered to your home deep-frozen. All you have to do is heat up the scones and enjoy. Combine your original English scones with clotted cream and jam or get creative. In our online shop you will find many delicious English products that you can ideally combine with your scones. Also for the English Tea Time you will find not only the perfect pastry, but also the right english tea. That way, nothing stands in the way of a British afternoon.

Complete your tea time with English scones from British Shopping

In our online shop for Scottish, English and British food you can order and buy scones with and without raisins online. You can enjoy tea and scones traditionally with butter, English jam, honey or clotted cream or you can try the hearty flavor and eat your British scones with marmite or english sausages. Combine your scones as you like: Since we deliver them ready to you, you don't need to worry about complicated recipes and baking for a long time. Just heat it up and you will have original English scones at home.

Scones: the delicious English biscuits from Great Britain

Although the English rolls come from the British Isles, the English term scone is derived from the Dutch word schoonbrood, meaning bread made from fine flour. Since the 19th century the name Scone found its way into the English language. The soft texture of the English pastry is due to the special dough processing. To bake original English scones, cold butter must be carefully mixed into the dough. The dough should be handled very carefully. It is therefore easier to have scones made by professionals and to order and buy the finished biscuits conveniently online.