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English Tea

England is the land of tea drinkers. Already at breakfast the distinctive English Breakfast Tea is served and in the afternoon the Tea Time is celebrated. Tea is an integral part of British cuisine. In the online shop of British Shopping you will find a large selection of different English teas to enjoy in Germany. In our selection you will find various English teas from well-known brands such as Twinings, Bewleys, Tetley or Typhoo.... more...

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What kind of English tea would you like? Fruit tea, green tea, herbal tea or black tea such as Earl Grey Tea or Lady Grey Tea? We have the right British tea for your taste. You want to celebrate a typical English Tea Time? Then buy one of our aromatic black teas and refine it, as is customary in England, with a little sugar and milk. Would you like a tasty snack as well? In our online shop you will also find original English scones, Clotted Cream and English jam. Or enjoy your tea with English sweets - we have a large selection of great products and well-known brands such as Cadbury chocolate. British Shopping also offers you tea sets in decorative tea caddies - ideal as a gift for the next Tea Time.

Enjoy British tea culture with our English teas

In the 17th century the famous English tea culture was established in Great Britain. King Charles II's wife, Catherine of Branganza, made this previously untypical drink popular in England. Insisting on a delicious English tea in the afternoon, tea was imported from China. At first, only the upper class could afford the imported tea and therefore tea quickly developed into a status symbol. Today, drinking tea is an integral part of everyday life in Britain and is part of the typical English lifestyle. The typical cream tea is still served in the afternoon at tea time: traditionally with milk and sugar as well as scones, clotted cream and jam.

The perfect English tea: how it is traditionally prepared

You would like to serve typical English tea? Here you can learn how to do it. First you have to choose the right British tea: For traditional afternoon tea it is best to choose black British tea. In our online tea shop you will find a large selection of high quality British tea from well-known brands such as PG tips or Yorkshire Tea. Now heat fresh water to at least 93 degrees Celsius (199,4 degrees Fahrenheit). Pour the boiled water over the English tea in a cup or traditionally in a teapot. The tea usually stays in the teapot, which is why it becomes stronger and stronger. To make it a little less strong again, hot water can be added. Although the Brits traditionally drink their tea with milk and sugar, the question of whether to pour the tea or milk first is very controversial. Hence, in Great Britain a distinction is made between the two principles: Milk-in-first (Mif) and Tea-in-first (Tif).

Online Shop for English and British Tea

British Shopping is your online British tea shop for original English tea. Here you can comfortably buy English tea from your home in Germany: whether English Black Tea, English Breakfast Tea or other British tea varieties. We deliver tea from England to Germany: Simple, tasty, low-priced and comfortable. With our English tea shop you get a piece of English tradition in your tea cup.