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English Sausages

What do you think of when you think of typical English food? Certainly also original English sausages. Especially with a typical English breakfast, the hearty delicacies should not be missing. Whether as breakfast sausage or party snack - in the online shop of British Shopping you can buy original English sausages online.

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English breakfast sausages for a typical british breakfast

This way you also have typical English food in Germany. In our online shop you will find a large selection of English food and English tea. Here you can buy everything online to enjoy British and English food in Germany: from English breakfast to British tea time to evening snacks.

Delicious assortment of English sausages

In our online shop you will find a fine selection of original English sausages. Our British sausages are from the traditional sausage manufacturer Blakemans, which has been producing sausages since 1953. At British Shopping you can buy the popular English Blakemans Cumberland Sausages, Blakemans Lincolnshire Sausages, Blakemans Pork Sausages or Blakemans Supreme Coacktail Sausages online and have them delivered to your home. The tasty English sausages differ primarily in the different amounts of pork and the seasoning. The small Cocktail sausages convince particularly by their handy size and are perfect as Snack for an English party.

Full English Breakfast with English breakfast sausages

English breakfast sausages are particularly popular as part of a Full English Breakfast. Beside the English breakfast sausage there are several courses served at a rich English breakfast. After some fruit and porage follows the "main course" with English breakfast sausages, fried eggs and baked beans. The rich main course with the delicious English breakfast sausages is completed with a sweet toast, typical English orange marmalade and English tea. Enjoy a typical English breakfast with our English breakfast sausages.

Buy original English sausages online

In the Online Shop of British Shopping you can order and buy the popular English sausages from the comfort of your own home. The high-quality frozen food comes deep-frozen to your home. There you can store the British sausages in the freezer or prepare them directly and immediately enjoy your delicious British sausages. Thanks to British Shopping you also have the opportunity to eat original English sausages from Blakemans in Germany. Order your British sausages and other tasty English food today and look forward to your British delivery.