Twinings Tea

You would like to buy original English tea for the next Tea Time or a delicious black tea for breakfast? Then Twinings Tea is the right tea for you. In the British Shopping Online Shop you can buy the original tea from the traditional tea manufacturer Twinings online. We offer you a large selection of high-quality Twinings Tea in different varieties: from black tea (Earl Grey, Assam or English Breakfast Tea) to fruit tea, herbal tea, Lady Grey, green tea and Chai.

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Here you can order and buy your Twinings Tea online and get the delicious English tea delivered directly to your home. Try the Twinings Tea with other British delicacies such as Scones and Rodda's Clotted Cream or enjoy a cup of Twinings Tea with a piece of delicious Cadbury chocolate.

Twinings Tea: tradition for over 300 years

Here you can buy English tea from the traditional brand Twinings. Twinings has been producing tea since 1706 and is a true traditional brand in England. Twinings pays attention to high quality and fair working conditions. This is why the tea producer is also socially committed. With a Twinings Tea you are not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the producers of your tea.

Black Tea & Green Tea from Twinings: buy different varieties online

You want a pick-me-up? Then choose one of our black teas from Twinings: In our assortment you will find varieties such as Earl Grey, Assam or English Breakfast. For those who are undecided or want some variety, the Twinings Classic Teebox is the right choice: Here you will find a selection of different black teas. Our online shop also offers a wide range of green teas from Twinings. Here you will find Twinings Green Tea pure, with apple and pear, lemon, pomegranate and much more.

Fruit tea, herbal tea & various tea boxes from Twinings

In our online shop you can buy various Twinings fruit teas such as Blueberry & Apple, Mango & Strawberry, Pomegranate & Raspberry and many more or a selection of fruit teas from the Twinings Fruits Selection tea box for sweeter tea treats. For your health, Twinings herbal teas are the right choice: At British Shopping you can order Twinings herbal teas from chamomile to mint to fennel online. And Twinings Tea for beauty (Glow), a good sleep (Sleep) or more energy (Energise) is also available in our online shop.