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Tunnocks Tea Cakes & more

Tunnock's Tea Cakes are little sweets. They consist of a small, round base of shortbread and meringue and are coated with a thin layer of chocolate. In British Shopping's online shop you can buy delicious Tunnocks Tea Cakes with whole milk or dark chocolate. The classic Tunnocks whole milk tea cakes are packed in red, while the Tunnocks dark chocolate tea cakes are typically wrapped in blue. So you can always tell which Tunnocks Tea Cakes you're buying.

Online Shop for Tunnocks Tea Cakes, Caramel Wafers & Snowballs

In addition to the Tunnocks Tea Cakes, you can also buy other treats from Tunnock online at British Shopping and enjoy them in Germany. Of course you can also order the well-known Tunnocks Caramel Wafers in our online shop and have them delivered to your home. This delicacy consists of several layers of wafers and caramel and is coated with chocolate. Here you can also buy the popular Tunnock Snowballs online. These are similar to the Tunnocks Tea Cakes, but have no shortbread base and are decorated with coconut rasps.

Tunnocks Tea Cakes: Sweets with tradition

Tunnocks Tea Cakes have a long tradition in Great Britain. In 1890 Thomas Tunnock opened his first bakery in Uddinston (Scotland) and soon sold his Scottish sweets. Tunnock quickly expanded into a large factory, but is still run by the family today. Among the most popular and well-known products are Tunnocks Tea Cakes and Caramel Wafers.

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