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Christmas Crackers

Christmas crackers are an important part of the British Christmas tradition. Depending on the size of the Party crackers, the crackers usually contain a paper crown, some jokes, games or puzzles and a small gift. English Christmas crackers are especially popular with children. But also for adults this British Christmas tradition is a funny highlight - whether at the Christmas party, as a gift for friends and colleagues or with the family at Christmas.

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Christmas Crackers: Tradition in England at Christmas

England and the UK have many great traditions, which also find more and more resonance here in Germany: Be it the sumptuous English Breakfast with British sausages and Porage or the famous Tea Time with English tea, original English scones and English orange marmalades. And also at Christmas there is in England and the UK a special tradition: Christmas Crackers. Traditionally, the English crackers are distributed and used at Christmas dinners or at Christmas parties. After the Christmas crackers have banged, it's time for crowns, jokes, games and gifts to be exchanged. Holiday crackers are a fixed ritual at Christmas in England and are especially popular with children.

Large selection of English Christmas Crackers

At British Shopping you can buy the popular crackers from England here in Germany and celebrate a piece of English tradition at Christmas. In our online shop you will find a very large selection of different Christmas Crackers. Here you can buy Party Crackers in gold, silver, blue, red and other colours, different patterns and different sizes online. Order a single Christmas cracker as a gift or a large pack for the whole family. Our crackers offer many different fillings like gifts, games, paper hats and crowns, stickers, riddles, jokes and of course confetti. With us you will find low-priced Christmas crackers and high-quality, handmade luxury Christmas crackers as a special gift. You prefer a unique Christmas Cracker? Then our personalised DIY Christmas Cracker is the right one for you. If you are looking for a very unusual Christmas cracker, British Shopping also has it for you: We offer Christmas crackers for cats and dogs to buy online. Surprise not only your family but also your pets at Christmas.

Origin of the English Christmas Cracker

Christmas crackers originated in England, where they were invented in 1847 by pastry chef Tom Smith. Smith originally produced simple chocolate bon bons. When they didn't sell as well as they did, he had to come up with something new. At first he hid little love messages in the packaging. The idea for the crackling came to him allegedly by the crackling and crunching of a log in the fire. To create the crackling effect, the packaging had to get bigger and the chocolate had to disappear. The typical Christmas cracker content with gifts, paper hats and other little things was introduced by Smith's son Walter Smith to stand out from the competition. These English crackers quickly became a popular Christmas tradition and a fountain at Finsbury Square in London was dedicated to Tom Smith and his family.

English crackers: buy Christmas Crackers online

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