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Walkers Shortbread is a Scottish short dough biscuit that is particularly popular in Great Britain. In the British Shopping online shop you can buy the delicious Shortbread from the traditional Scottish manufacturer online. Order your Walkers Shortbread and enjoy the delicious pastry with a cup of English tea.

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Walkers Shortbread: delicious Scottish biscuits & cookies

Walkers Shortbread has been baked in Abelour (Scotland) since 1898 according to an old family recipe. Shortbread consists mainly of sugar, butter and flour. Traditional shortbread is baked in three different shapes: a rectangular (Shortbread Fingers) and two circular (Shortbread Rounds and Petticoat Tails). Walkers Shortbread is particularly popular in Scotland and England and is often served with English tea at British Tea Time.

Walkers Biscuits: Buy Shortbread online

In the online shop of British Shopping you can order delicious Walkers Shortbread cookies and buy it online. We deliver the Scottish biscuits to your home. In our assortment you will find the classic Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers, Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Highlanders and also Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Stem Ginger. Especially suitable as a gift are the beautifully boxed mini Shortbread Fingers: Walkers Scottish Piper. Order your original Walkers biscuits online and enjoy them in Germany.

Walkers Shortbread: Cookies with Scottish tradition

The history of the traditional food manufacturer began in 1989 with the sale of Shortbread. 21-year-old Joseph Walker opened his own bakery with the aim of producing the best shortbread in the world. The company quickly expanded and now offers a wide variety of shortbreads. Despite the wide range, Walkers remains true to the founder's original goal: to bake the best shortbread in the world. That's why Walkers Shortbread is made by using delicious recipes and the best ingredients. Enjoy Walkers Shortbread in Germany and buy the tasty biscuits here online.